Contact Information

How should I contact you?

The easiest way to reach out to me is via my contact form listed below. Do include your name and e-mail so I know how to respond. Don’t include all sorts of sordid details about what’s going on in your life and your reason for seeking therapy. The contact form, like many other electronic means of communication, is not HIPAA compliant.

Can’t I just call you?

So while I get that for some folks, calling a provider is the preferred method of contact, it’s not the most effective way of getting ahold of me. First, it’s very rare that I’ll be able to answer my phone when someone calls (because I’m in a session with someone else, because I’m in the midst of doing online learning with my kids, because I’ve wandered away from my phone and can’t hear it’s very subtle vibrations, because we operate on different time zones/country codes). Second, I really hate phone tag. Third – I try not to feed the spam bots.

Do you have a way to schedule a call?

If you’ve got a warm fuzzy vibe about me and you just want to skip all the small talk and book a live consultation, by all means, get after it. Just follow this link and select “new client” to see current availability. All consults and sessions are conducted virtually so pay no mind to the random address in Sangamore. If you’d like more info about what a consult will be like, check this page out.

Hi! I’m actually not looking for a therapist – but still want to connect

Cool! I love connecting with fellow therapists/clinicians/humans. Your best bet is to contact me via the contact form letting me know what you’re looking for. If I can help and our schedules line up, I’m happy to chat further.